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Year Six


Today marks the sixth year that J and I have been together. Which is crazy to think about all that has changed in those six years

  • We lived in LA and London (briefly for both of those)
  • We graduated college
  • We started working and settled in one place
  • We bought a house! (That’s a very recent one)
  • We’ve been to more than 30 weddings together all over the globe.
  • Two siblings have gotten married
  • We now have six total second cousins between the two of us ushering in a new generation from both sides. (We love all of them to pieces and spoil them rotten)
  • We’ve been through the deaths of our beloved grandparents

I feel very lucky that I’ve gotten to grow up with him. Our Rabbi was talking to us to write our charge for our ceremony and my sum up was it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it. It’s very true though. When you’re 19 and in college you can be selfish and things like religion and living over 1,000 miles away from each other 45% of the year seem not to matter. And then as you get older all those things start to matter very much. We had to have a lot of really hard conversations early on. While we committed to things then, we always make sure that we revisit those things to make sure we’re happy with the set up.

We went through a period of not knowing what our futures held. We graduated college without jobs, heading back to our hometowns. We didn’t have a plan to end up in the same place we just did. Knowing the hiring process where we work now, most likely our company decided to hire J and then determined who was being brought in next for interviews and that was me.

So yeah, I get a little misty eyed when I think what could have been. How we could have gone to different colleges, how we could have just been a really nice college romance and ended at that, how we might have never met. And that’s just sad. Because J is the best thing in my entire world. He’s endlessly supportive of everything I want to do. He’s the kindest person you’ll ever meet, he’s always putting other before himself. He’s passionate about so many things. He’s insanely funny. Family is the most important thing to him. He works hard at everything he does because he cares about everything he does. He’s never put pressure on me to be anyone but myself, including becoming Jewish, but he sat with me and learned with me for every step.  He makes an attempt at learning about everything I love so that we can talk about those thing or I have someone to enjoy them with.

Take for example the picture above. I love the beach, I grew up there. J hates the sand and the beach. And yet, there he is, on a beach cause he knows that makes me the happiest little clam when I’m there. And maybe, he’s starting to like the beach just a little bit too. And maybe I’ve started to support the Miami Hurricanes because that’s his favorite (don’t tell him that)


This year feels more finite, this is the last time we’ll celebrate February 27 and we won’t be husband and wife. I’m excited for our new chapter though and see what that has in store for us. Dating and engagement time has been fun, but I think I’ll enjoy our marriage even more.

J, if you ever do read this know that I love you more than words could possibly say. You’re everything and more I could have ever wanted out of a partner. You make all the dumb romantic cliches make sense. You’re more than a best friend. I do enjoy watching the Canes with you, even if you get a little riled up about them. I love you, bashert, and I can’t wait for another 100 years dancing with you.

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