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Goy Meets Boy

It all started back in 2011, when he first proposed. We were in college, barely knew each other, post house party Taco Bell proposal kinda night. Fast forward six years later and he’s proposed for real this time and we’re just four short months away from our wedding.

J is Jewish. I was raised a Catholic in an Irish-Italian household.

I noticed something in the past six years. There’s a lot of articles out there for interfaith couples, particularly Christian-Jewish couples. There’s a ton of advice on how to raise your kids, how to have conversations, how not to get divorced. There’s a lot of articles on why not to have an interfaith marriage. There’s one-off articles on someone’s interfaith story, their relationships, their divorce, navigating interfaith children of divorce. But I struggled to find a blog of someone outlining their interfaith journey that I could identify with. What happened after the wedding planning? What happened before there was a wedding to plan?

So I figured I’d make it myself. Because who knows better than me what it’s like to almost convert, have faith discussions six months into your relationship and have to figure out if your evolving faith ideas still match up?

There have been tears, laughter, bodily injury the time I grated a knuckle making latkes and more learning than you could imagine on both our ends. Our Interfaith journey has been learning together and learning who we are and what we want to bring with us to our new home.


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